Abcc Must Stay: Greens Bill Misses The Mark

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30th September 2010, 04:20pm - Views: 536

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Media Release 

30 September 2010


Statement by Wilhelm Harnisch, Chief Executive Officer

Master Builders Australia today called on the Gillard Government to reject moves by the

Greens Party to abolish the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC).

Mr Wilhelm Harnisch, CEO of Master Builders Australia said: “Senator Siewert, of the Greens

Party, yesterday introduced a Bill to the Senate which would have the effect of repealing the

legislation that not only created the ABCC but also created the Federal Safety Commissioner


“The Greens Bill is not warranted.  Its passage would result in adverse economic

consequences and an unwanted return to industrial disputation as well as detract from safety

because it would also abolish the FSC.  

“The Bill is fundamentally flawed.  It misses the point of building and construction industry

workplace reform.  It perpetuates the misrepresentation about the ABCC and its powers and

is part of a concerted campaign by unions to divert attention away from the damage that they

wreak on the industry and the economy when they break the law, actions which they know

they cannot defend.” 

Mr Harnisch said “The building and construction industry is undergoing a period in which

industrial relations has not been the

negative influence it has been in the past.  But

unfortunately, Master Builders Australia’s recent national survey shows that builders are

becoming increasingly concerned about the way in which workplace relations is tending


dominate their project manager’s time, with negative sentiment rising.  The Bill should not

further undermine the certainty necessary to provide confidence post the global financial

crisis and threaten Australia’s economic recovery.

“The ABCC has been

highly influential in curbing

unacceptable behaviour.  The Bill

introduced by the Greens is a poor use of Parliamentary time

under current minority

Government circumstances. 

“Master Builders calls on the Gillard Government to firmly reject the Bill and for the vital

resources of Parliament to be directed to better ends.  The ABCC is doing a good job and

needs to be left alone

so that it can continue to deliver productivity and eradicate unlawful

behaviour in the commercial building industry.”


Wilhelm Harnisch, CEO, Master Builders Australia: 0402 039 039

Richard Calver, National Director Industrial Relations 0422 866 766

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