Be Fire Aware And Prepare

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15th October 2010, 05:05pm - Views: 628

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Media Release

From the Building Commissioner

15 October 2010

Be fire aware and prepare 

The Building Commission is encouraging Victorians to start preparing for the fire season and

make use of practical new resources available to help protect homes.

Building Commissioner Tony Arnel said the release of a new guide and launch of two initiatives

as part of ‘Fire Action Week’ will assist building consumers and practitioners to be bushfire


“The Building Commission has been working closely with government, industry and building

consumers to bring about programs, information and incentives so people and homes can be

bushfire ready,” said Mr Arnel.

“The launch of the Bushfire Retrofit Guide developed by the Building Commission and Country

Fire Authority provides practical advice for those who wish to upgrade their existing homes to be

better protected from bushfires.

“While there can be no guarantee that a building will survive a bushfire event, taking steps to

retrofit can substantially increase a building’s resilience to bushfire attack, particularly for homes

or buildings in high risk areas,” he said.

Mr Arnel welcomed the announcement from the Minister for Planning for $750,000 in grants for

research and development of windows specifically suited to houses in the highest bushfire attack

level category (flame zone).

“The Building Commission has been working closely with manufacturers to bring products onto

the market that meet the requirements of the new building standards and this grant will further

support the building industry’s efforts,” said Mr Arnel.

“Windows are a key area of fire vulnerability for any house and with two window products

currently available for the highest bushfire attack level category, this grant will further drive

development and foster a choice of windows in the marketplace,” he said.

Mr Arnel said ‘Fire Action Week’ also marked the launch of a new short course to educate

industry professional about building in bushfire prone areas.

“The Development and Building in Bushfire Prone Areas course aims to provide building

professionals with consistent skills and understanding to apply the relevant requirements for

bushfire protection of new homes and buildings, he said.

“It is about increasing the expertise of Victorians developing and building in bushfire prone

areas,” said Mr Arnel.

The five-day course has been developed by the Building Commission and Country Fire Authority

in partnership with the University of Technology Sydney, based on a similar program operating

in New South Wales.


For information on the Bushfire Retrofit Guide and other bushfire ready initiatives visit

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