Development Assessment Forum Celebrates 10th Anniversary

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17th June 2008, 03:47pm - Views: 610

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Media Release 

17 June 2008

Development Assessment Forum celebrates

10th Anniversary

Statement by Richard Calver, Acting Chief Executive Officer

Master Builders Australia, the peak building and construction industry association,



Development Assessment Forum (DAF) has an important role to play in achieving a more simplified,

transparent, and cost effective development approvals process.

Mr Calver said, “The forum is unique in that the Commonwealth Government, as well as State and

local Governments, industry and the Local Government Association are represented. DAF has been

instrumental in delivering a national development assessment model, which is aimed at reducing

delays and adding more certainty and transparency in the development approval process. The model

developed by DAF has been adopted in part, or in full, by most State and Territory Governments.

Master Builders urges all States to take up the model fully. Funding for the roll out could come from

the proposed Housing Affordability Fund.

“The DAF Agenda now includes

eDA (electronic development applications) and a benchmarking

exercise to further promote leading practices in development approvals. Moving to an e-commerce

model is commended.

“Master Builders Australia has been involved with DAF from the outset and applauds the work and

planning reforms DAF has delivered across Australia. Following the workshop Master Builders is

supportive of the role DAF

has to offer in assisting to streamline the approval system”, Mr Calver


“Some sectors of industry are suggesting DAF is irrelevant.  We disagree.

“Like other industry and government representatives, Master Builders is firmly of the view that DAF

is well placed to reform planning in Australia so that this country can become a world class leader in

delivering development approvals.

“The future work program and the models DAF will develop must mirror world’s best practice.

“The DAF’s reform agenda will also assist to deliver more affordable housing, especially in reducing

building costs such as interest paid on land that remains undeveloped”, Mr Calver said.

For further information contact:

Richard Calver, Acting Chief Executive Officer   Mobile:  0422 866 766

Neil Evans, National Director Technical & Regulatory Policy   Mobile:  0423 002 2007

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