Domestic And Residential Building Permit Activity Strong

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21st October 2010, 04:15pm - Views: 643

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Media Release

From the Building Commissioner

   21 October 2010

Domestic and residential building permit activity strong

Domestic and residential building permit activity was strong in August 2010. 

Releasing the pulse data today, Building Commissioner Tony Arnel announced that 9,477

building permits were issued in August 2010.

“These permits had a total value of $1.9 billion, at the same high levels recorded in August

2009,” Mr Arnel said. 

“Activity in August 2010 was driven by domestic and residential building permits.

“Compared to August 2009, domestic building permits jumped 13 per cent to $1.1 billion and

residential building permits increased 166 per cent to $189 million.

“Healthcare building permits also recorded a 20 per cent increase to $43 million compared to

August 2009.”

By building use, building permit figures for August 2010 compared to August 2009 show:

Domestic (houses) rose by 13 per cent to $1.1 billion

Residential (including high rise) increased by 166 per cent to $189 million

Commercial decreased by 11 per cent to $159 million

Retail fell 29 per cent to $64 million

Industrial decreased by 30 per cent to $19 million

Hospital/healthcare increased by 20 per cent to $43 million

Public buildings were down 46 per cent to $242 million

By region, building permit figures for August 2010 compared to August 2009 show:

Inner Melbourne rose 10 per cent to $709 million

Outer Melbourne increased 5 per cent to $744 million

South West decreased 25 per cent to $107 million.

North West fell 47 per cent to $57 million

North Central decreased 33 per cent to $74 million

North East increased 2 per cent to $72 million

Gippsland rose 20 per cent to $101 million

Mr Arnel said that despite the decreases across some building uses, the 2010 calendar year to

August 2010 clearly shows Victoria is experiencing strong levels of building activity.

“From a calendar year perspective the level of building permits issued in 2010 is

unprecedented, with five of the eight months to date exceeding $2 billion,” Mr Arnel said.

“In February, March, May, June and July the value of building permits issued in those months

exceeded $2 billion.

“In the calendar year to August 2010, building permits to a value of $15.9 billion have been

issued, an increase of 21 per cent on the same period last year, and almost 75,000 building

permits were issued, an increase of 14 per cent.”


The Building Commission collects Victorian building information monthly from building surveyors who

provide details of building permits they issue. This media release is based on a summary of this


For more information on building statistics or to interview the Deputy Building Commissioner, phone

Chelsea Toomey on 9618 9296 or 0418 271 988, or visit the Building Commission’s pulse website. For

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