Improved Insulation Safety Supports Professional Installers

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2nd December 2009, 04:02pm - Views: 550

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Green Project is managed by  Enact Energy Pty Ltd 

Suite 407, 15 Lime St

Sydney  NSW  2000

T: 1800 442 443

Improved insulation safety supports professional installers

Enact Energy,

one of Australia’s leading insulation installers, has welcomed the OH&S and other changes to

the Federal

Government’s Home Energy Efficiency program as a positive step for professional installers.

Danny Morgan, Managing Director of Enact Energy said, “The Home Energy Efficiency program is remarkable in the number of

homes that have been insulated in such a short time, and it is unfortunate that a few installers have made mistakes or done the

wrong thing.

“Requiring mandatory training of all people involved in installing insulation, deregistration and the name and shame file will help

to ensure the safety of individuals and the professional standing of the industry.

“These are important developments that support the majority of companies that are doing the right thing,” Mr Morgan said.

“There can be no excuse for poor practice when it comes to ensuring a safe working environment and installation. 

“The mandatory risk assessments will formalise what professional installers have been doing already and the improved training

for inexperienced workers will help them appreciate not only the safety issues, but also the correct installation and performance

issues of insulation,” Mr Morgan said.

When getting two quotes, cheapest isn’t always best, Enact Energy’s national Green Project advises householders to ask for proof

that the product meets Australian Performance Standards and ensure the insulation comes with life time warranties on the safety

and performance of the product. 

This should include the insulation being fire safe and noncombustible to the Australian Standard. This will help homeowners feel

sure they are getting the best and most reliable product available for the price.

“Reliable installers will also conduct random follow-up inspections and quality checks and provide quality assurance on all


The Green Project voluntarily conducts random audits of 10 per cent of all installations. Insulation stays in your roof for the life

of your home and you get what you pay for. It is vital that installations are professionally done, the safety of Australian families is

too important to cut corners on installation, or quality,” Mr Morgan said. 

“If homeowners are unsure about what insulation would be best for them, they can call the national Green Project free hotline on

1800 442 443.

“The Green Project was set up by Enact Energy as an additional service to the Federal and State Governments’ drive for more

energy efficient lifestyles.

The Green Project


a comprehensive home energy efficiency service including a free information

hotline and free home energy audits.” Mr Morgan said.


Media information: Glenn Schaube GRS Communications 0439 320151

About Enact Energy and the Green Project

Enact Energy is a multi award-winning company and provider of energy efficiency services across Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Ireland. 

In Australia, Enact manages the Green Project. Enact is passionate about making real changes in the way in which households consume energy

and water and has generated savings in over 350,000 households, creating a lifetime of CO² savings of over 10 million tonnes to date.

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