Industry Calls On State Government To Dump Costly Housing Regulations

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7th October 2010, 08:30am - Views: 564

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Property Council of Australia and Master Builders Association of Victoria

Media Release


Industry calls on State Government to dump costly housing regulations

Victoria’s peak Housing and Property Industry Associations have called on the State

Government to dump their costly and restrictive accessible housing regulations in favour of the

Federal Government’s Livable Housing Design Guidelines.  

Victoria’s leading Industry Associations believe the State Government’s proposed mandatory

accessibility reforms will increase the cost of Melbourne homes by over $3,700 at a time when

housing affordability is plunging to new lows.

Recent survey work gauging community support for these reforms has revealed that public

demand is extremely low with 66 per cent of builders claiming they had received no client

requests during the past 12 months. A further 26 per cent claimed less than ten per cent had

shown any interest.

Support amongst Victorian builders was also very weak with over two thirds opposed to the

State Government’s mandatory reforms. 

Victorian builders have indicated their strong preference for the adoption of the voluntary Livable

Housing Design Guidelines which provide home owners with the option to inject higher

accessibility standards into their homes if they can afford it and according to their needs.

The Silver, Gold and Platinum accessibility ratings included within the Federal Guidelines enjoy

the support of all major Industry Associations and the disability sector. They ensure that home

owners who choose to invest in accessibility are recognised for it.

We believe that aspiring home owners should be given the choice as to whether they want to

spend thousands of dollars on accessibility features they may never need.

Over the past four years, the cost of the average Melbourne home has increased from $377,000

to $559,000*. Rather than increasing prices for homebuyers, the State Government should be

searching for ways to improve housing affordability.

We call upon the Government to begin listening to the public on housing affordability and adopt

the Livable Housing Design Guidelines which provide and promote accessibility with the full

support of industry. 

* Source: REIV

Media enquiries:

Brian Welch, Executive Director (Master Builders), 0411 501 075

Jennifer Cunich, Executive Director (Property Council of Australia),

9650 8300

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