Master Builders Welcomes Senate Report On Housing Affordability

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18th June 2008, 07:36pm - Views: 478

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Media Release

18 June 2008

Master Builders Welcomes Senate Report on

Housing Affordability

Statement by Mr Peter Jones, Chief Economist

Master Builders Australia, the peak body for the building and construction industry, welcomes the release

of a comprehensive Senate Select Committee Report into housing affordability.

Mr Peter Jones, Master Builders Australia’s Chief Economist said, “The report makes a number of

sensible recommendations, essentially confirming that increased supply is the key to improving

Australia’s housing affordability problem.”

“Master Builders Australia agrees with the Report’s finding that an inadequate supply response has

contributed to a chronic housing shortfall estimated at more than 30,000 dwellings per annum.”

He said “Any proposed demand side measures should not be taken in isolation but instead need to be

adopted in a coordinated fashion with supply side measures.  Otherwise well intended assistance runs

the risk of being capitalised into higher prices.”

The Senate Report comes in the wake of a number of key initiatives announced by the Rudd

Government, including first Home Saver Accounts, the National Rental Affordability Scheme and the

Housing Affordability Fund.  Master Builders has for some time been calling for strategies to increase

housing supply, including:

Unlocking urban infrastructure impediments, particularly at the local government level.  

A more streamlined and efficient development approval system.  

A review into optimal funding arrangements between the federal, state, territory and local


State and local governments need to commit to hypothecate more of the taxes and charges back

into the development and building industries.

Mr Jones said, “Strong government leadership particularly at the Federal level is needed to ensure a

coordinated approach in dealing with what is a very complex and critical public policy issue.”

“The Senate Report should ensure that housing affordability is kept active on the political agenda after

suffering for more than a decade from policy neglect at all three levels of government.”

For further information contact:

Peter Jones

Chief Economist

Office: 02 6202 8888


0403 440 838

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