Media Release: Bradford Trusted For Insulations Safety Inspections

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15th June 2010, 07:50pm - Views: 733

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Greg Combet, Minister Assisting the Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, announced

today that an arrangement had been entered into by the Government for Bradford Insulation to

undertake safety inspections in homes insulated under the now discontinued Home Insulation

Program (HIP).

Bradford Insulation is Australia’s leading insulation manufacturer, starting production of mineral wool

insulation at Newcastle, NSW in 1934. Today, Bradford manufactures Bradford Gold batts in

Sydney and Brisbane, Soundscreen and Enviroseal reflective foil in Melbourne, and Edmonds vents

in Sydney. Bradford is a division of CSR, one of Australia’s leading building products


Bradford Insulation General Manager, Mr Anthony Tannous, welcomed the Government’s

announcement  and assured householders that Bradford would apply the same high professional

safety standards to the inspection work that it adopts in its manufacturing operations.

Bradford Insulation is currently working with PriceWaterhouseCoopers on procedural and reporting

requirements, and recruiting  reputable insulation installers and other qualified individuals from the

building industry. Inspections will begin shortly at households nominated by the Government as

likely to be of the highest potential safety risk.

“We are experienced in both the insulation industry and the daily implementation of stringent safety

procedures,” Mr Tannous explained.  “We will be training and deploying inspectors to these high


“The inspectors will be able to identify safety hazards and then undertake minor rectification of

safety issues relating to insulation installed under the Government’s former programme. Where the

installation has resulted in an electrical issue, a licensed electrician will be called.”

“Bradford appreciates the opportunity to contribute to the rectification of problems caused by

fraudulent and irresponsible installers attracted into the industry under the HIP, ” Mr Tannous said

The reputation of long established, experienced insulation installers has suffered as a consequence

and householders may be less inclined to insulate in the future if these issues cannot be resolved


“Insulation is a leading solution to address rising household energy costs, reduce greenhouse gas

emissions and create a more comfortable living environment.  By offering our insulation and

corporate management experience to the safety inspection process, we hope to be able to provide

reassurance to the community that installing insulation is a safe and effective choice for their home,

“ Mr Tannous concluded.

Anthony Tannous

General Manager Australia and New Zealand

Bradford Insulation 

For further information, please contact Ray Thompson on 02 9235 8320 or email

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