Registered Building Practitioners - A Name That Matters

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4th November 2010, 06:30pm - Views: 1463

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Media Release

From the Building Commissioner

4 November 2010

Registered Building Practitioners – a name that matters

Victoria’s Registered Building Practitioners (RBPs) are highly valued by consumers and

practitioners the latest pulse° survey data reveals.

According to the 2010 survey, building practitioners are placing a strong value on being an

RBP, with 82 per cent reporting they highly value their status – a figure which increased to 90

per cent for practitioners with less than 15 years experience.

One of the stand-out benefits for practitioners of being an RBP is the credibility it signifies to

clients, along with credibility amongst colleagues and the availability of industry information.

Building Commissioner Tony Arnel said the strength of Victoria’s RBPs is further emphasised

by the confidence and satisfaction levels building consumers are reporting.

“It is a testament to the reputation of RBPs across the State that 84 per cent of building

consumers reported high satisfaction with their overall building experience,” said Mr Arnel.

“When assessing their builder’s technical qualifications, work practices, ethical standards and

communication, 88 per cent of consumers reported high confidence in their builders,” he said.

Each category assessed recorded increases on the previous survey conducted in 2009,

notably 92 per cent of consumers stated they were highly confident in their builders technical

qualifications and capability compared with 87 per cent in 2008. Builders’ communication skills

also improved significantly, with 84 per cent of consumers reporting they were highly confident

compared to the 78 per cent rating of the previous survey.

Building surveyors also feature prominently in the minds of building consumers, with positive

awareness of the role of the building surveyor in their project and 76 per cent reporting they

were highly or very highly satisfied with the standard of knowledge and service provided.

With around 24,000 RBPs supporting Victoria’s building industry, the high value placed on

RBPs by consumers and practitioners shows it is a profession worth having. 


The 2010 pulse° practitioner and consumer survey involved 600 building consumers and 600

Registered Building Practitioners.

For information on the Building Commission pulse° practitioner and consumer survey, visit

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