Safety Warning On Flood Clean Up

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12th October 2010, 10:57am - Views: 582

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Media Release                                                                                      Tuesday October 12th


Safety First A Key to Flood Clean Up and Leaky Roofs 

                                                                                          ... quick fixes can be costly

Home owners have been urged to put safety first when dealing with flooded homes or leaky

roofs and to prepare for floods or storms in advance, by Archicentre, the building advisory

service of the Australian Institute of Architects. 

With continuing, major floods in Queensland and changes in weather patterns towards

increased severity of storms and heavy rainfall, ongoing maintenance of homes is vital,

especially with leaking roofs and guttering which can cause major safety issues where water

comes in contact with electrical wiring or causes ceiling collapses. 

Ian Agnew Queensland Manager of Archicentre said water damage in homes can be quite

extensive requiring all particle board cupboards, doors and plaster work to be totally replaced

especially where water penetrates the house and insulation becomes water logged. 

Mr Agnew said,” Archicentre in the past 24 hours has received a number of requests for

architects to assess flood damage and recommend repairs to homes hit by the wild weather and

heavy rain.    

“It is important to recognise flood damaged buildings could take months to dry out and the

natural tendency for people to renovate and redecorate as quickly as possible can lead to mould

growth and the work having to be repeated. 

“Home owners should involve professional tradespersons to undertake roof repairs because of

the dangers of falling off slippery damaged roofs.” 

* Following floods, large pools typically form under the house. These areas need to be re-

graded to prevent long-term structural damage like rotted floor framing. 

* Be careful of power points and switches that collect mud and impurities. Ensure a licensed

electrician checks these before reconnection of power.

* Debris and rotting wood left from flood waters are an ideal food source for termites.  Engage

the services of a professional pest inspector to have your home thoroughly checked.

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