Bentley's Integrated Structural Modeling Brings Structural Engineers Into Integrated Project Workflo

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27th January 2010, 11:29pm - Views: 1686

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Bentley's Integrated Structural Modeling Brings Structural Engineers Into Integrated Project


EXTON, Pa., Jan. 27 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

      Enables Them to Take Full Advantage of Building Information Modeling

                Best Practices and Resulting Business Benefits

    Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the leading company dedicated to providing

comprehensive software solutions for the infrastructure that sustains our

world, today announced the launch of its Integrated Structural Modeling (ISM)

methodology for creators and consumers of structural project information.

With ISM - and new no-cost software apps available for download from Bentley


structural engineers finally can fully participate in multidisciplinary,

integrated project workflows. This means they also can take advantage of

innovative Building Information Modeling (BIM) best practices to reap

significant business benefits for their projects and organizations. ISM's

flexible workflows support design review of various structural assets, such

as buildings, bridges, towers, and industrial structures, by aggregating

information-rich content, in both proprietary and interoperable formats, from

multiple data sources. ISM results in intelligent structural designs, more

successful projects, and better-performing buildings and structures of all


    The new apps - consisting of Structural Synchronizer V8i and Structural

Dashboard V8i - let structural engineers immediately and quickly employ ISM

in their integrated projects. Both can be downloaded for no charge at

    Structural Synchronizer provides:

    - A shared repository of common structural model data;

    - The ability to track revisions and compare differences between


    - Enhanced coordination through the synchronization of data across


    - Review facilitated by a structural model and drawing viewer with data

      interrogation capabilities;

    - Integrated applications and data for structural modeling, structural

      analysis and design, structural documentation and drafting, structural

      detailing and fabrication, plus industry-neutral formats;

    - An open API enabling third-party vendors to integrate with the ISM


    Structural Dashboard enables structural engineering professionals to:

    - Manage workflows for common project types;

    - Launch all structural applications from a unified interface;

    - Create customized workflows specific to individual projects;

    - Receive structural news from customizable RSS feeds;

    - Join a structural online community and access blogs, wikis, and forums;

    - Download product upgrades from the Bentley SELECTserver;

    - Manage project files and links within project workflows.

    Up to now, a lack of interoperability among software applications has

kept most engineers from sharing the maximum business value that can be

derived from integrated projects and the BIM best practices required for

their successful completion. According to McGraw-Hill Construction's

SmartMarket Report 2009 "The Business Value of BIM," almost 50 percent of the

AEC industry is now using BIM, and the vast majority of these users,

including architects, contractors, and owners, are experiencing real business

benefits directly attributable to BIM. Strikingly, however, the study also

points out that less than half of the engineers employing BIM experience a

positive return on their investment (ROI) - with one-third saying they are

seeing a negative ROI. When asked for the top factors that would increase an

engineering firm's ability to see business benefits from BIM, 83 percent of

the engineers surveyed ranked improved interoperability among software as

"highly important."

    Bentley's long-standing prioritization of interoperability motivated the

company to address this problem and, through its new ISM, bring structural

engineers integrated-project benefits. Facilitated by Bentley's new i-model

container for open infrastructure information exchange and Structural

Synchronizer V8i and Structural Dashboard V8i apps, ISM maximizes the

interoperability of structural information among different specialized

applications, CAD and BIM platforms, and design review environments. The

resulting integrated structural information workflows empower structural

engineers to add value to, and now get value from, integrated projects.

    Santanu Das, Bentley vice president, Integrated Engineering Group, said,

"Integrating the structural project workflow - including modeling, analysis,

design, documentation, and detailing - through ISM enables structural

engineers, detailers, and fabricators to dramatically improve project

efficiency and safety, reduce errors, and enhance quality control. Moreover,

it enables engineers to investigate more design iterations and what-if

scenarios, and brings downstream processes, such as fabrication, into

consideration much earlier.

    "Although those using Bentley's intra-operable structural products and

dynamic collaboration software will gain the most advantages from ISM, every

structural engineer and every project employing this new methodology will

realize significant benefits. We've done this to ensure better-performing,

more successful projects, and, thereby, help sustain the structural

engineering professions."

    Das continued, "The breadth and depth of Bentley software, combined with

its industry-leading intra-operability, enable our users to analyze, design,

document, and deliver structures in an integrated project workflow that

maximizes the application intelligence at each step. But with the new ISM

apps, project teams ultimately will be able to deploy a wide array of

applications from multiple vendors and maintain interoperability throughout

the structural project lifecycle. I think all structural engineers should

download and start benefiting from our no-cost Structural Synchronizer V8i

and Structural Dashboard V8i apps today."

    ISM-enabled structural tools currently include Bentley's Structural

Modeler (formerly known as Bentley Structural), RAM Concept, and RAM

Elements, as well as Autodesk Revit. For additional information about ISM and

these products, and to download Structural Synchronizer and Structural

Dashboard, visit

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    Bentley's comprehensive portfolio of software is available through a

number of innovative subscription offerings, including Bentley's Enterprise

License Subscription, SELECT subscription, and new Passport Subscriptions

that provide an affordable alternative to perpetual license purchases for

architectural, engineering, and mapping professionals. For additional

    About Bentley's Structural Software Portfolio

    Bentley has the world's most extensive structural software portfolio. It

includes an unrivaled breadth and depth of applications within RAM, STAAD,

ProSteel, Structural Modeler, and Bentley AutoPIPE offering post-tensioned

slab and mat design, reinforced concrete design, steel connection design,

advanced analysis such as nonlinear and base isolators, fabrication

detailing, pipe stress analysis, 3D modeling and 2D drawing production, and

much more. For additional information about Bentley's structural software

    About Bentley Systems, Incorporated

    Bentley is the global leader dedicated to providing architects,

engineers, constructors, and owner-operators with comprehensive software

solutions for sustaining infrastructure. Founded in 1984, Bentley has more

than 2,700 colleagues and offices in more than 45 countries, achieved in 2008

the milestone of $500 million in revenues, and, since 1995, has invested more

than $1 billion in research, development, and acquisitions.

    For additional information about Bentley, visit

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