Putting Engineering's Poetry Into Words

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28th October 2009, 05:30pm - Views: 1442

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Putting engineering’s poetry into words

Paul Kooperman has helped put the poetry of engineering into words in a trial for

an innovative collaboration between engineering giant Siemens and RMIT

University Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Dr Marcus Powe.

Poets were open to innovation and different ways of looking at things, which made

the collaboration a perfect meeting of minds, Dr Powe said. 

“To see how someone who is a master of words can bring out the beauty of

science and innovation and communicate that to a larger audience is a joy,” he


“People should no longer be put into the creative set or the business set. There are

no sets. It should be business and artists together.” 

Siemens Head of Communications, Herna van Reenen, said the company valued

education, science, technology and above all, innovation. 

“Siemens and RMIT have a long-standing partnership, which includes the Siemens

RMIT Fine Arts Awards scholarship program, as well as various engineering

scholarship awards,” she said.

"We believe that collaboration is the key to solving issues. 

“Our collaboration with RMIT on innovative projects such as this one is just one

example of how we apply this within our business practices at Siemens." 

Mr Kooperman said his pilot project for the company had involved turning a 40-

page brochure into a one-page document for staff.

“I believe that corporations should have an artistic or creative writer in residence to

work on projects like this that fall outside of their usual marketing and public

relations communications roles,” he said.

“An artistic or creative writer in this position understands how they work and how

they can work with them on creative materials.”

Dr Powe and Mr Kooperman have worked together on United Vision

Entertainment, a venture that they hope will provide artists with economic and

artistic independence. Mr Kooperman is also Acting Director of the Australian

Poetry Centre.

For interviews or comment: RMIT Entrepreneur in Residence Marcus Powe,

(03) 9925 1418. Paul Kooperman, 0413 470 895.

For general media enquiries: RMIT University Communications, Louise

Handran, (03) 9925 9088 or 0411 261 469. Siemens Communications, Bianca

Nelson (03) 9721 7590.

28 October, 2009   

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