Award Modernisation Another Hurdle For Aged Care

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28th August 2009, 08:50am - Views: 923

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              August 28, 2009 

Award modernisation another hurdle for aged care

Award modernisation is likely to have a significant negative impact on the aged care industry, Aged and

Community Services Australia CEO Greg Mundy said today.

Mr Mundy said some aged care providers, particularly smaller facilities and rural and remote services,

were already struggling to survive under current funding arrangements.

“If the awards impacting on aged care currently being considered by the Commission are adopted, they

will inflict inflexible and prescriptive conditions on the delivery of care and services,” he said.

“The Federal Government has stressed that no one should be worse off under the new awards which are

meant to be cost neutral.

“Implementation of the awards will in all likelihood have a significant cost impact for a range of residential

and community care providers, who operate on tight margins and have little capacity to absorb additional


“Adequate resourcing is critical as we face dramatic increases in the number older Australians who will

need care.

“There has been increasing recognition that older Australians want the flexibility to choose the type of

care they need, whether it is in residential services or in their homes with community care.

“The same level of flexibility must be afforded service providers and aged care workers if the industry is to

survive and deliver optimum care to the people who need it most, when and where they need it.

“At the very least the maximum transition period of five years will be required for implementation of the

new awards.

“The National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission Report has addressed a broad range of issues

affecting the delivery of aged care services.   Many of the terms and conditions in the new awards have

the potential to inhibit these much needed reforms and thereby further delay a visionary approach to aged


ACSA represents more than 1,100 church, charitable and community based organisations providing

accommodation and care services to more than 700,000 older Australians, people with a disability and

their carers.

Media contact: Chris Hornsey 0419 513 432

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