Parliament Denies Security Guards Training - Greens Fail On Security

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8th December 2009, 08:29pm - Views: 650
Parliament denies Security Guards Training
Greens fail on security

Canberra's security guards are bitterly disappointed by the rejection of amendments to the Security Industry Act today.

Lyndal Ryan, ACT Branch Secretary of LHMU, the security union says:

"It's disappointing the Greens caved in to the pressure from the Liberal Party and business lobbyists. These workers perform a tough, thankless, necessary role and have been effectively denied access to information about their rights and responsibilities.

"Security guards have a real need for basic training concerning their wages, conditions and safety on the job. Security guards work long hours for low pay in often hazardous and dangerous workplaces. They are frequently cut off from contact with their colleagues and spend long hours in isolation.

"A lack of access to adequate training and information about their rights, responsibilities and safety exposes these at-risk workers to potential exploitation and injury. Today, the Assembly failed these security guards by voting down the amendment.

"The best way for workers to get the information they need to do their job safely and ensure the community has the best security available is to learn from other security guards - workers talking to workers. There is no compulsion involved in joining security guards just want to ensure all their colleagues have access to training so they can do their job well and come home safely.

"Workers with access to the facts are the best people available to provide training for security guards starting work in a new job.

"Not only do we know the industry and have experience with what actually goes on in the job, we'll provide the training for free because we're committed to protecting and advancing the rights of security guards," says Lyndal Ryan.

Shane Reid, LHMU member and Security Officer says:

"If the LHMU doesn't get to provide this vital information to security officers, then it's left to the employers to do it.

"Unfortunately, there are still some employers who don't pay the correct wage or allow for fair work conditions why would it be in their interest to give the employee the correct information? We feel pretty disappointed the Greens let us down like this."

Contact: Lyndal Ryan 0411 643 982


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