Union Claim Of Free Mail Day A Gimmick

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9th December 2009, 08:30am - Views: 982
Union Claim of Free Mail Day a Gimmick

9 December 2009

Claims by the CEPU of a free mail day are a gimmick and would see letters and parcels returned to sender if the proper postage is not attached.

"This is a completely irresponsible message from the union. There is no such thing as a free mail day and the union do not have the ability to create one," said Australia Post spokesperson Alex Twomey.

"It would be very upsetting for people to have parcels and letters returned or not delivered because of the union using a gimmick to attract attention.

"Our advice to the public is clear, only mail with correct postage will be delivered, don't risk your mail not being delivered this Christmas."

Australia Post is pleased to note that 75 percent of Australia Post's 35 000 staff did not vote for industrial action. Further to this less than 50 percent of union members voted in favour of industrial action.

"Only 8876 staff voted for industrial action out of 17,970 union members and 35,000 staff. This isn't even half of the union membership and a small minority of our total staff," said Mr Twomey.

Just last Friday, union State Secretary Jim Metcher said publicly that "there will be no disruptions to mail services to the public before Christmas."

"We expect the union to honour the commitment they gave just last week to not disrupt mail services ahead of Christmas," said Mr Twomey.

"Given we have delivered a four per cent pay increase this year to staff and guaranteed another four per cent next year the union must justify to the public on what grounds any industrial action is taken."

Should any industrial action occur, Australia Post will have in place contingencies to ensure any disruption is minimal during a very important time for businesses and the public.

Australia Post has been negotiating in good faith on a generous EBA which delivers job security and wage increases. At the same time the union have twice been found by Fair Work Australia to not be genuinely trying to reach agreement with Australia Post.

The figures quoted in this release regarding voting are from the Australian Electoral Commision

For further information, please contact: Alex Twomey 03 9204 5362

Australia Post is the oldest continually operating organisation in Australia. Every day Australia Post delivers 20 million items to 10.7 million addresses across Australia. With 4,433 outlets across the nation we are the largest retail network in Australia with 2,541 of these outlets in rural and remote areas. We are a self-funding business and receive no taxpayer funding.

SOURCE: Australia Post

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