Bookstore Urged To Exclude Christmas Gifts Made In Sweatshops

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4th December 2009, 10:00am - Views: 1193

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Media Release                                               3 December, 2009

Protestors take action against Christian products made in sweatshops

A youthful gathering of Christians will sing anti-sweatshop carols this Saturday to

challenge Word Bookstore to exclude products made with exploited and child


11.30am - 12.30pm

Saturday, 5 December

Word Bookstore

11-13 Moncrief Road


All media are welcome to attend this picture opportunity event.

Word Bookstore is an Australian retailer that has refused to issue any

commitment that their Christian and Christmas products are not made in foreign


Within Chinese sweatshops, there are documented cases of gross disregard for

the fundamental human dignity of working people. A recent report by the US

Department of Labor highlights the use of child and exploited labour in products,

including Christmas decorations.

Word Bookstore has repeatedly refused to respond to these claims.

Saturday’s gathering is designed to positively prompt the bookstore to take action

on exploitation in the manufacture of Christian products – known as holy


Recently Koorong Bookstore, another high profile Christian retailer, adopted a

fair trade policy to stamp out child and forced labour.

See the Just Holy Hardware website for further information on the issue of child


Media enquiries - Michael Docherty, media liaison, 0408 950 702

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