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26 March 2008

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WADCO Lighting, a major Australian manufacturer of Industrial and Commercial lighting

products, has announced they have signed an exclusive agreement with METROLIGHT, a

manufacturer of energy-efficient HID ballast.

According to Stephen Downey, Regional Manager, METROLIGHT’s patented “Smart

Electronic Ballast for HID” is a revolutionary high-frequency electronic system designed for

High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide lamps, increasing light output, extending lamp life, and

reducing energy consumption  by over 40%. Carbon emissions and maintenance costs are

drastically reduced. The system utilizes daylight harvesting and user-interface devices, and is

microprocessor controlled. According to Mr. Downey, end-users can expect an installed system

payback averaging from 1.5 to 2.5 years. 

Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Fuels, a $400 million fund established to invest in the renewable

energy and sustainability sectors of business, is a substantial investor in Metrolight. Commenting

on the investment, Branson said, “Inefficient lighting is one of the largest sources of energy

waste. Through Virgin Fuels, we invest in companies such as Metrolight that help reduce

greenhouse gas emissions and substantially improve energy efficiency around the world.”

In fact, Metrolight claims that over the past three years they have installed over 250,000

electronic ballasts, saving users approximately $6.5 million in energy charges in the process,

with the system payback normally being less than two years.


One of Metrolight’s customers, a privately-owned supermarket chain, is enjoying tremendous

energy savings as well as reduced maintenance costs as a result of switching to the Metrolight

system. After installing Metrolight at a single location, resulting in a 50% reduction in lighting

costs, the company decided to retrofit over 100 stores.


Today, each store saves over 50% in energy costs. Since the stores now use 50% fewer fixtures

for their lighting, 50% less heat is generated, resulting in dramatic savings on air conditioning

bills. The company has saved over $2 million per year.

Additional details may be obtained from Stephen Downey, Wadco Lighting, 03 5332 9165 or .

Greg Galitzine is Editorial Director of TMC's IP Communications group, which includes Internet Telephony magazine, IMS

magazine and the just announced Unified Communications magazine as well as the industry's leading Web site, TMCnet.

Stephen Downey

433 Gladstone St

Ballarat Vic 3350

03 5332 9165 Voice

03 5303 0968 Fax

0439 303 011 Mobile

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