Archicentre Calls For Window Safety After Second Accident

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23rd October 2009, 11:00am - Views: 654

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Angus Kell, ACT & NSW State Manager Archicentre  Mobile: 0412 565 023

Ron Smith Corporate Media Communications Archicentre Mobile: 0417 329 201 

Media Release

   23rd October 2009

Archicentre calls for window modifications on multi storey flats and houses

Following Second Fall in A Week 

Archicentre has renewed its call called upon parents with young children living in multi storey flats

and houses to modify windows to prevent children falling out of them following a second accident

within a week.

The call follows the death of a three year old toddler in Sydney earlier this week who fell from the window of

a third floor flat and a the fall by a six year old boy from the second storey of his home whilst playing in a

bedroom yesterday.  

Angus Kell ACT and NSW Manager from Archicentre said that there had been a number of child deaths and

injuries in the last few years throughout Australia from window falls and the main problem was children

jumping or playing on beds near windows.

With summer coming up windows will be opened more often.  

“The most dangerous situation involves aluminium sliding windows which provide a large unobstructed

opening when fully open. Some parents think that flyscreens provide a barrier, but a small child jumping on

a bed will go right through a flyscreen if they hit it hard.”

Mr.Kell said that The Building Code of Australia limits the width of openings in stair balustrades to 125mm to

prevent children falling through and similar precautions should be taken with upper floor windows. 

“Parents can easily modify sliding aluminium windows themselves by drilling a hole in the bottom track and

screwing in a self tapping screw at the back of the opening part of the window to prevent the window from

opening to its full width. Similar modifications can be made to wind out windows.”

Mr. Kell said that Archicentre’s pre-purchase home inspections and inspections for Owners Corporations

show that sliding aluminium windows were the most common type in multi storey flats and wind out windows

in multi storey houses. 

He also recommended that Owners Corporations should encourage the modification of windows in

flats to minimize the chances of expensive insurance claims which could have an effect on all of the

owners in a block of flats where an incident occurred.  

Kidsafe and Archicentre have released a home safety fact sheet which is available on the

Archicentre web site in the download area.  

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