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26th November 2009, 10:04pm - Views: 634

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Asbestos Commemoration Ceremony  Friday 27 November

Friday 27 November at 10am

ADSVIC’s Annual Commemoration Ceremony - BWM Edge Theatre, Federation


Victorian Governor Professor David de Kretser AC will deliver the keynote address. 

Secretary Victorian Branch of the CFMEU,  Martin Kingham will also speak while

families and friends  will give a touching remembrance of loved ones that highlights

the grief, loss and sense of betrayal that is often felt with this disease. 

The Geelong Trade and Labour Council and the Victorian Trade Union combined

choirs with Mick Thomas –formerly of Weddings, Parties, Anything, will also

perform songs from Dust; a musical story of the impact of asbestos on our society. A

BBQ on the Yarra Bank will follow the event – all welcome.

During Asbestos Awareness Week, ADSVIC invites the public to learn more about

the dangers of domestic asbestos. It also urges the State Government to promote

education campaigns to warn Victorians that asbestos remains in around 400,000

houses and dwellings built before 1987. 

Every year nearly 800 Australians die from mesothelioma – a deadly cancer caused by

exposure to asbestos fibre. Another 1800 Australians are diagnosed with cancers and

asbestosis, debilitating illnesses.

DIY home renovators are largely unaware that kitchens, bathrooms floors, eaves and

garden sheds contain asbestos as it was used in up to 20 different locations and

applications in suburban homes around the nation. The dust released when cut or

sawn is known to have tragic consequences. 

The public deserves to be as informed about asbestos as they are about breast cancer,

skin cancer, HIV(AIDS), alcohol abuse and the danger of tobacco. Millions of dollars

of public monies are already spent on health education campaigns. A few dollars per

person on asbestos education now, will save millions in 20 – 40 years time.


For further information: 

Tim Tolhurst

Executive Officer 

Asbestos Disease Society of Victoria (ADSVIC)  Mobile 0466 113 749

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