Master Builders Backs Government's Housing And Schools Building Program

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10th February 2009, 12:48am - Views: 619

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February 2009



Statement by Mr Wilhelm Harnisch, Chief Executive Officer

Master Builders Australia, the peak body for the building and construction industry,


reaffirmed its support for the Government’s visionary nation building and jobs plan that will see a

reinvestment in social housing and upgrading of schools.

Mr Wilhelm Harnisch, CEO of Master Builders Australia said, “The building industry has a strong

track record in generating economic growth, creating jobs and in underpinning confidence.” 

“It is important these turbulent times created by the global financial crisis, that the Government

plays an active role in working with industry in generating confidence, in keeping the economy

ticking over and in supporting jobs.”

“The Government’s nation building and jobs plan meets these criteria.”

“Master Builders also backs the Prime Minister’s roll out plan for fast tracking the delivery of new

housing for the social housing program and for the building of new facilities and refurbishment of


“The appointment of the Coordinator General, Mr Mike Mrdak, and his state and territory

equivalents, must ensure that the construction of 20,000 new homes for social housing and the

$14.7 schools building program is delivered expeditiously”.

“The building industry has the capability of delivering on the Government’s much needed program

but only if all governments work closely with business to remove bureaucratic barriers preventing

building projects from getting off the ground.

Master Builders, in discussion with the newly appointed Coordinator General, has committed to

contributing its expertise, at both the commonwealth and state levels, to help ensure the timely

and cost effective delivery of the Government’s nation building and jobs plan.

He said, “It is important that there be bipartisan support for this much needed stimulus package to

help Australia avoid a recession and to minimise the depth and length of the economic downturn.”

Contact:  Wilhelm Harnisch, CEO, Master Builders Australia: 0402 039 039

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