Virtual Welder Will Appeal To Geny Apprentices

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6th September 2010, 11:00am - Views: 3996

6 September 2010


Heading: Virtual welding will appeal to GenY

Copy: Raised on a diet of computer games and X-Box, GenY welding apprentices

have no trouble in adapting to learning manual skills on this newly released

Fronius virtual welding training simulator.

The arc and weld seam, with all the right sound effects, are virtual creations but

are a much safer alternative than facing a 2000°C live arc for the first time. 

According to manufacturer Fronius, virtual welding reduces the material-

intensive sessions needed when training welders on "real" welding equipment,

resulting in an estimated 25% savings in time, space, materials, gas, filler

material and energy. 

Fronius, for 60 years the world leader in the development of welding equipment

and technology, says the virtual welder is a more cost-effective way of teaching

welding, a safer alternative to traditional methods and better for the

environment with less waste and reduced emissions.

The system caters to all levels of welding experience starting at beginner level

where the trainee receives visual and audible prompts of the correct torch

position and speed to help them learn quickly. 

The trainee’s weld is recorded and can be replayed showing a ‘ghost’ of the

correct torch position which also assists learning. A score is given for the

accuracy of the weld performed with the top score displayed just like a computer


Sensors in the torch, work piece and helmet keep track of the torch and trainee’s

head position, detecting even the slightest hand movements and transmits these

to the virtual world.

The virtual weld is displayed on the 3D glasses in the trainee’s helmet as well as

the unit’s touchscreen display and can even be projected onto a large screen or

LCD monitor for all to see.

As the trainee guides the torch along the sample work pieces they mentally

process the visual and audible signals to determine whether the welding speed,

torch distance and angle are all correct. 

The "training workshop" comes either as a stand-up terminal or as a mobile case

that is easily transportable to the training location.

Dave Smith, Manager SMENCO Pty Ltd, Australian distributors for Fronius, said

the virtual welder had created a lot of interest from the TAFE and training sector.

“ At half the cost of now-superseded training simulators on the market and with

the very latest in computer technology it also represents very good value,” he


Fronius Welding Equipment is distributed in Australia by SMENCO Pty Ltd, 1300

Caption: Virtual welding allows the trainee to learn the manual skills needed in a

safe and fun-filled environment before being let loose with a torch and having to

face a 2000°C arc for the first time. 

…story ends

For further information:

SMENCO Pty Ltd 1300 731 873

Dave Smith

Anthony England

Released for SMENCO by VPR/ Drew Valentine 0414 353833

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